Monasticism is one of the most important elements of orthodox faith and tradition. Monasteries were always the centers of theological thought and they have always been guardians of the purity of The Orthodox faith and tradition.
Exhibited photos show great and important monasteries, as well as those not so well-known. Our intention is to show the reality of the monk’s life and the impact of the monasteries on the believers’ life, on the culture and arts.
Editorial team asked for photos from all the users, so, 102 users from 25 countries answered promptly and have sent us their photographs, published previously on Orthphoto and with a better resolution. Finally, 450 photos were received from our users and we have chosen 200 photos to be printed, the selected photographs are presented through a slideshow during the exhibition. Moreover, during the exhibition we play a CD with Orthodox chants from various monasteries.
Pictures show architecture of the monasteries, portraits of monks and nuns as well as life inside a monastery, that is, prayer and work for the monastic community and believers, as our users could catch it in their participation to orthodox life, their pilgrimages and other occasions.